Choice: or Chosen to Choose

Free will is the most precious gift: and that gift is choice. Those of you with a background in Marxism will tell me that the choices we make are based on the illusion of choice.

Yes you are correct, to an extent. We have the choice of where to work, but not necessarily the choice of whether or not to work. Which is a fine example of an illusory choice. Unfortunately for those of you rejoicing in this logical victory: I’m not talking about illusory choices today.

The choices that matter, the ones that you’ll agonize over, are actually choices you’ve already made, your heart makes those decisions; all you’ve got to do is learn to listen.

I can hear that whisper, like a low hum in the background, a figurative trail made of breadcrumbs, leading me ever onward, each step closer and closer to where that choice matters most.

I’ve found what I’ve been looking for at long last, and somehow it is everything I never knew I always wanted.

Keep it real kids,
❤ ry


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Luckily for me I’ve never had a problem hitting the curve.

I also thoroughly enjoy using baseball analogies to describe my life.

“Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in the recognition.”
– Alexander Smith

There is so much to write about today but as I’m currently galavanting around in search of Chinese food, I will simply say this: today I am filled with hope.

Keep it real kids,
❤ ry


A writer should have this little voice inside of you saying, Tell the truth. Reveal a few secrets here.
– Quentin Tarantino

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I share that philosophy on writing with someone as talented and prolific as Quentin Tarantino.

Today is going to be interesting, I think, in a lot of ways. I’m feeling a strange sense of serenity, as though something I dream of is so close I can reach out and touch it. I feel it, like the distant boom of thunder, deep inside echoing and reverberating through me.

I can feel the approach of something, something almost indescribable, and yet so very near and familiar.
I’m speaking in riddles, I know this, one thing I have learned though is while revealing a few secrets you must keep some things to yourself until the moment arrives.

I believe that moment approaches, sonic boom pushing it ahead of the lines that attempt to snare it, attempt to drag it back into complacency and routine.

The moment breaks free it’s bonds and I await, breathless.

Keep it real kids,
❤ ry



I never would have believed I could be sad over something that only existed in my mind, for a few scant hours, but i believe that during those flights of fancy I lived more than I have in a long time.

Life doesn’t always give you what you want, but it usually comes through with what you need.

Melancholy; i’d forgotten what a delicious feeling you can be.

Keep it real kids,

❤ ry

Thinking thoughts/Feeling feelings

So I’ve been drinking, I mean thinking, thinking. And feeling feelings; confusion paramount among them all. A swirling maelstrom of doubt and hurt, attempting to cripple me when I most need my legs. I wonder what thoughts are thought when that mind muses on me?

She knows very well what it is she does.

Well played.

Keep it real kids,
❤ ry