stirring the echoes

I feel something,
shimmering, stirring, little sprinkles of light on a cold heart.
It’s spring again and I’ve learned to fly anew, each sweet nothing whispered, a gust of wind under wings long thought broken.
Every day the light grows longer and the sun warmer and I thaw with every smile, every slight look and twinkle in eyes long dark.

I awake.

Keep it real kids,

❤ ry

live, laugh, love…learn

What have I learned?
That sometimes, no matter how much you try to see the good in someone, or how much good there really may be in them: they may not be good for you or your life.

This was a difficult lesson, but to remain happy and healthy you truly must cut as much negativity out of your life as you possibly can.

I have traditionally failed at this, but no more.

I have finally been able to place myself squarely in front of me and say: me first.

Lesson learned.

Keep it real kids,

❤ ry


I am the paragon of zen serenity.

sometimes just breathing hurts

I think that the hardest part is looking forward.

Because I just can’t see a future that you are not in.

Keep it real kids,

</3 ry

strange days

My title is from the movie, however I’ve always thought that the movie could have been better, maybe they’ll remake it. Apparently Hollywood is out of fresh ideas.

I’ve got no real reason for this post other than the fact that I said I would try to post weekly (weakly) and I’ve been slacking. Oh and I think I might name my first born Bruce Wayne.

Keep it real kids,

❤ ry

First Tracks of 2011

“A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.”

– Charlie Chaplin

I really enjoy that quote. Most likely because I’ve always been a dreamer, which I’ve lately been translating into being a doer. It’s been a strange and strangely fulfilling couple of weeks. I very much enjoy my at the non-prof, I just wish it was more hours and located a few hundred miles southeast of here.

But you can’t have everything.

The job hunt is going, that’s about the best description I’ve got for it. I’ve been writing query letters, maybe someday, someone will buy my novel.

Keep it real kids.

❤ ry



Technically, my title makes sense-it’s been twenty-eleven for three hours and forty-seven minutes according to my phone, which, of course, is what I’m typing my first post of the new year on.

I don’t make much sense. Ever. It’s kind of how my life works. I’ve tried to fit it into one of those neat little boxes you can check off on government forms and it never quite fits. I’m an anomaly. I’ve made peace with that-but only recently and very tentatively.

I’m having a crisis…I’s like four hours into the new year…again, it’s kinda how I roll. I don’t know what to do or say right now and I’m barely buzzed from NYE at this point. I’m just drained and sad. I’m hopeful, but I don’t know if I really have any right to be.

We’ll see.

Happy New Years.

I hope the year of our lord (judging from advertisements money?) 2011 is better for you than 2010 was.

Keep it real kids.

❤ ry