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Sometimes I realize that the fire that has always burned so brightly within, grows dim.

I wonder where the passion, the surety of purpose and place has gone in those moments.

I remember the feeling of drive, of ambition; that burning flame inside of me that has always pushed me to excel.

I know that I have accomplished many things that are difficult to achieve, I’ve conquered every challenge thrown in my direction, or that I have sought for myself to continually push the envelope.

I still have drive, I still push myself, but I often wonder if I still push hard enough, if the fire still burns as brightly as it always has. I wonder where the fuel comes from, if it is inexhaustible or like any other resource if I am coming closer and closer to the limit of my inner-endurance.

My thoughts always move from this into purpose; where am I going and why.

What is it that I am driving myself toward?

I wonder about the people that I have met on this journey and what I have given to and taken from them. I wonder about the people that have put dents in my heart, rents in my soul and thoughts in my mind.

Always I come back to why.

Nosce Te Ipsum