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I find myself,
as if awoken from,
a dream of gilded,
lamps and golden mirrors.

There is steel found here,
this desert,
this sandstormed reality,
of space and time.

The gilded dream is,
programmed, conditioned –
all constructed,
for you.

Only my real ones smell of copper and
cordite; gunpowder and blood.

the colors are a mere shade,
of what I know they should be,
you see, that’s the way…
the way they conditioned,


Musing on a muse

Inspiration. What an odd thing it is. I’ve always enjoyed the Greek concept of the muses; my muse is surely a strange creature.

I wrote a poem about my muse ten or so years ago. I believe I’m going to pause this post and dig it out of my long-dead devART account (my name is nowhere on the account sooooo good luck finding me there haha).

After a bit of thought, I decided to update the poem, I have progressed to a point somewhat further along my path to mastering my craft and I seriously couldn’t let myself post this without tweaking the punctuation at least a little (it should also be noted here that I don’t write much poetry anymore and also that the craft of writing isn’t one that any writer ever truly masters).

my muse…

she is a strange thing;
forever stalking me.
so quietly, surely silently-
i remember that i am a dreamer,
when her visions find me:

breaking me,
to reform me in her purpose…
she gives herself to me,

(joining in me,
completing me,
catalyzing me.)

like a whirlwind in my rain.

shaken from my reverie,
so luridly;
startled by the sheer intensity,
designing feverishly,

and suddenly;
she is gone and i am hollow.

my muse…
always she leaves me hungry.

I tend to write free form verse, I dislike being hindered by such things as iambic pentameter or being confined by the forms that rhyming couplets and sonnets require.

I do enjoy haiku though.