accusations of ruminations…

How should I begin?

I’ll start with the typical and work my way through the atypical items on my agenda, unless of course I become distracted by something shiny, dear god that’s a huge cup of espresso….but I digress.

This is my new blog. It actually uses my name instead of some clever moniker of subtle and dubious meaning/design. I am hoping that this will become my primary account with which to write out all of my issues, advice, ideas and of course; plots to take over the earth.

Mostly these days I run. I write and I try to play some video games now and then and hang out with the people I’m going to miss when I move away.

You heard it, I’m escaping the mid-west. I need to be away from this area for a while at least. I think it’s stunting my creativity, and for a writer that is inexcusable.

In other news the novel is nearly complete, I say nearly since my laptop is dead and I prefer to write on it’s smaller, easily-managed keyboard as opposed to the archaic monstrosity I am currently typing this on.

So many things on my mind, projects I’d like to do mostly, some collaborative work with a friend, we may start an imprint; wild and crazy I know. More novels I want to write, novellas, short stories: bouncing around in my brain!

Hmmm, I believe I’ll get to it.

Keep it real.

❤ ry

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