fresh and new

So life was great today.
I’m lounging, ignoring my phone for the most part-except, ofcourse, for this post I’m writing (thank you unlimited data plan) and text messages from a fairy-tale princess.
I reiterate: life was grrrreat today and I didn’t need any frosted flakes to make it so.
I had, without doubt, the best sushi roll ever at hama in Columbus, OH. I def recommend you go there and get the island roll. If you don’t like it-I’ll pay for your dinner.
Tomorrow morning is going to be intense, running a 5k for funsies and then running 400 sprint intervals πŸ™‚ it’s going to be brutal and i’m so excited about it I can’t sleep…I wish the interwebs had sarcasm brackets insert hilariously sarcastic observation about life here
In other news, I LOVE my life and I’m thinking about the air force’s marathon in sept 2011…anyone want to run it avec moi?
night kids, keep it real πŸ™‚
❀ ry

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