I’ve decided, nay I’ve RESOLVED to write at least one post per week. The contents of said post may vary, however the spirit of them must remain constant and that spirit is one of change and growth. These are things that I’ve tried to avoid for much of my life. Growth not nearly as much as change. You see I didn’t enjoy the stable root structure that most of my friends were blessed or perhaps cursed with. It has created a strange creature, one that thrives on new experiences, places and people, yet one that at the core, secretly wishes for something constant. I’ve decided that the only constant that one can depend on is change. It’s not an original thought, it’s been said and re-said and discussed and internalized by millions. But what is unique about it now is that I have internalized it and said it and will start to believe it. Nothing can be real to you until and unless you believe it. Choice, it always comes down to choice and I have chosen to believe in that particular idea.

On to bigger and better things then: I came up with another awesome idea for a novel during my flight to DC yesterday. It’s going to be epic in scope and tragic in content, I literally (haha) cannot wait to write it. I have a screenplay kicking around from christmas that my sis and I discussed and it’s just about perfectly maudlin and dramatic that lifetime will prob snap it right up.

In other news it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2010, good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

I’ll be back after the eve to start on my resolution of learning to love change.

Remember to keep it really, really real kids


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