Bored Sleepy Blah

I am tired. It’s been rather hectic for some time now, I kind of miss my routine, but not like I miss someone and I’d really like to have the inspiration to work on some new projects. I’m moving nicely forward in nearly all aspects of my life, it is somewhat satisfying. I wish I had more hours each day:

I’ve got an app for everything but that.

I find it odd when people become fixated on a routine that is no longer beneficial. Perhaps a fear of change? Or is it more endemic of the sheer laziness of contemporary culture? Either way it is disheartening when I find myself mimicking this behavior, I’d love to believe I’m immune to enculturation, because I’ve been trained to recognize and document it and seeing as how this isn’t actually my culture…sadly I am not so far above my fellow humans.

Ah, well I’m still more egotistical than they are, and this place is all about appearance it seems.

Eh, this is depressing haha: post over before I become maudlin.

Keep it real kids,

❤ ry

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