Pretty Freakin Ninja

Ninja Assassin is all sorts of awesome. Especially the performance of (Korean pop star) Rain, I’m not a huge fan of his music, but he’s not a bad actor by any standard and he’s a more-than-passable martial artist.

Plus, I freakin love ninjas.

Other ninja movies just don’t do the super badass ninja justice: this one makes them into super villains without peer.

And Rain isn’t just one of these insanely kick-ass ninja assassins he’s a ninja assassin…yeah he’s the guy who kills the most lethal badasses ever, and he fights a lot of them all at once, all by his onesies.


(Yeah it sounds kinda familiar to me too.)

I’m enamored, and incredibly jealous that I wasn’t kidnapped as a toddler by one of the nine clans and taught the way of the shadow warrior.

Just sayin.

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