It’s (never) enough

I am a riddle, an unsharp guess.

I find a strange sort of solace in that.

Precious, precocious. A cee and an oh away from each other in spelling, yet with vastly differing meanings.

I like words, writing them down, the actual physical action of writing is fun, typing is less satisfying.

I also enjoy shaping meaning, carefully selecting the phrasing so that something means exactly what you want it to.

But it’s easiest to just let my mind wander while my fingers dance and pick through the rubble afterward.

It’s where I find the most gems.

  1. Argh…why do you do these?

    I think you have written something new, something profound, something to inspire, enlighten, humor or maybe even give me a new perspective to ponder and then BAM! Nothin’. Unless it’s in disappearing ink or those thingys that appear to be tiny ellipses are really paragraphs I’m too blind to read…

    Or perhaps it’s Morse code! (I’m getting something out of this post dammit.) Three dots = S. “S” is never enough? What does that mean? Soap? I always run out of soap at the most inconvenient of times, maybe I should stock up.
    Sex? Of course you think it’s never enough, you’re a guy! Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

    Wait! A dash is equal to three dots. But a dash is a T. How can a T be equal to an S? What does “T” stand for? (I’m close to cracking your code, I can feel it.) Tears! Tears = Sex (never enough) = Soap!


    Great post. 😉

    • Hahahaha, I like all of those!

      The actuality is much, much more mundane…

      I use them as placeholders when I write. Sometimes it just isn’t time to write a post yet.

      And as you’ll see I already added to it, before I saw your comment (I do most of my blogging via iPhone).

      Annnnnd the original post was a bit too maudlin, I try not to be too depressing-the interwebs have enough of that 😉

      Side note, for some reason my writing of late has become infected with both gerund phrases and beginning sentences with prepositions, I did it twice just in this comment.

  2. Oh great…another lesson in patience.

    Yes, I do see you added to it and I love the post (better than the one I fabricated, though it was fun.) I can identify with your sentiments. The love of writing…of not just putting words together properly, like a 5000-piece puzzle, but the actual act of writing. Feeling my hand glide across the paper, the smell of ink, the careful strokes of my pen, like a brush in the hands of one of the greats. Art within art. I was writing long before I could form actual letters. (And hoarding pens.)

    Yes, there’s plenty of depressing things online, maudlin maven here included. 😉 And regarding your usage of gerund phrases and other English professor no-no’s: I had to look up gerund so kudos to you for introducing me to a new word. But who gives a crap about being ‘proper’? I know I don’t. We’re not being graded, right? Did anyone tell Monet his shit was blurry and he was doing it wrong? Well, maybe someone did but did he care?

    And that’s my two (or five) cents.

    • Ahhhh your comments are always awesome!

      And true, I’ve been obsessive about style lately because I’ve been editing. As for the grading; definitely hard to get out of that habit haha.

      My ego loves the comparison to great artists but intellectually I really love the idea of just writing, letting the words flow however my heart and mind instinctively form them.

      Sometimes too much editing can kill a good piece of writing much faster than gerunds 😉

  3. So I get an ‘A’ for my comments, right? 😉

    Prior to dating M the Writer, I was anti-editing. (I know, I know.) But now I do see the value in it. To a degree. As you stated, too much editing can kill a good piece, so try not to edit your personality out of your writing. Fix misspelled words for God’s sake (and mine), punctuation, check for flow (or whatever the technical term is), etc, etc. But don’t muck with it too terribly much.

    What are you writing, by the way? Can you give a hint or an excerpt on your blog?

    • Absolutely A+

      I’ve never dated another writer, a photographer once but no one literarily inclined: what’s that like?

      As for what I’m writing, it all started with a name. I wrote a really long drawn-out Elvish name in my notebook in pre-calc my junior year of high school.

      Then I promptly forgot about it for years.

      It’s become a world, a titanic struggle between peoples, the heavens and the underworld, good vs. evil and one young man’s absolute struggle with his own personal demons… while the world rests on his uneasy shoulders.

      Haha wow that was fun!

      It’s a tale, medieval fantasy, elves and men and orks. Demons and dragons. It’s a messy love story and my main character is quite a mess as well.

      It is unbelievably fun to write most of the time 🙂

      I have synopses for six books; two separate chronicles.

      I am still struggling through the first, it’s the first thing I’ve written longer than my thesis, and that had a lot of graphs and diagrams haha.

      It’s at about 53k words at the moment.

      A labor of love, to be sure.

  4. Dating another writer: I could write an entire post on that but I’ll try to condense. First of all, I don’t really consider myself as an ‘equal’ writer. I’m a writer by heart and not actively pursuing a writing career. I do it because I love it (and it almost feels like I have to…like an itch you have to scratch.) When I met him, he was finishing up his MFA. It was great at first! Lots to talk about…I think I enjoyed out conversations best. I also got to help him with his novel, which I enjoyed. I think he enjoyed having a sounding board and to my delight, the suggestions I offered him were in alignment with the advice he received from his mentor. (Yay Me) But, as you probably know, when you’re in ‘the zone’ you don’t want to stop or be interrupted and it’s almost as if nothing else matters. I was stood up many times. I once waited for him at the lake for four hours, tried calling numerous times (I thought something was wrong) with no answer. When he finally called me back, “I forgot.” was his reason. Needless to say, I broke up. So, I don’t know if all writer/writer relationships would be that way or if he was just an inconsiderate jerk but I don’t know that I’d attempt it again. I do think that another writer would be understanding and would ‘get’ your quirks that maybe a ‘normal’ person wouldn’t but I don’t see how two writers could have a family (meaning kids).

    Your novel sounds interesting to read and fun to write; it sounds like something my daughter would read like Lord of the Rings meets Merlin! (which to my surprise, I loved.)

    • Yeah I’ve found that creative people also tend to be somewhat odd haha

      It’s a lot of fun to write most of the time, although I’ve had to scrap my synopsis so many times because the characters start to write themselves and demand to be heard in their own right-not just the ways I’d originally conceived of them. It makes it quite fun but sometimes I end up adding chapters because of a detour and I’ve had to create some additional characters because I’ve realized that this or that person wouldn’t do or say the thing I need/want them to so I have to create a new one to get it done!

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