“I used to be my own protection,
But not now.
Because my mind has lost direction,

-Chester from Linkin Park

Say what you will about the band, he is a talented writer. He understands the concept of concise emotional release instinctively. It’s a trait you can coach but not one I believe you can teach. I respect anyone that has the capacity to reach inside and pull out that inside for everyone else to gawk at.

Charming visual, I know. Rest assured I am grinning at the idea of making anyone green with that one. However what I am talking about is honesty, he doesn’t pull punches, he says exactly what he means and he says it in a way that reaches people and allows them to feel it too.

That’s the dream. Reaching out and pulling people in, letting them feel a little of your pain, feeling a little of theirs and thereby lessening everyone’s burden a bit. Who knows what could happen, who you can help or even save by taking on a little of them, and giving them a little of you in return.

I’d call it beautiful and slightly naive. But it doesn’t make me hope for it any less.

Stay true, stay real.

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