Searching, seeking, wander-wondering, wishing.

I am a seeker. I search for answers, for understanding. I wonder about everything, I always have.

It’s one of the major driving forces in my life. I need to understand everything and everyone around me.

The eclectic mixture that made up my undergrad curriculum shows a pattern, like a gridded-off search area, the quest for answers is written in bold on my transcripts.

The machinery of the universe is in the background, my quest has always been one of somehow quantifying the human experience.

Are we human beings having spiritual experiences or spirits having a human experience?

The answer is in the journey, but it’s question that drives me.

  1. Sometimes you make me feel less weird and alone.

    And there’s an answer to one of your other questions: why people read your blog (or mine, or someone else’s).

    • Absolutely, it’s one of the reasons I read other people’s blogs. It’s nice to know that introspection and reflection aren’t quite gone from the collective consciousness.

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