Serie-us (I’m so clever it makes me ill)

In a break from my usual modus operandi today we’re talking shop.

As in writing shop.

My first series is moving forward in fits and starts. Which is quite normal for me lately. I’m not quite certain where I want to break this book off and start the next. I’m looking for that perfect spot that says both completion and read more!

Therein lies the difficulty of writing a series. I’ve got a couple of spots that would work, choice, always the issue is choice.

I’m also not quite sure how I want the next book to start. Add in my complete lack of focus on this series and you’ve got a bit of a pickle. I like that phrase although it barely makes sense in literal terms.

I’ve got too many projects in my head. The lack of focus is a result of my creativity; brain never turns off.

At any rate I know this is incredibly vague, I’ve been debating posting a chapter or two but I’ve been a little leery at the thought of posting unpublished material, even though it’s copyrighted.

I ❤ you intellectual property laws. But I digress:

Anyone out there get stuck like this when you're trying to finish a project? I like that I'm constantly forming new ideas for books, I enjoy the conceptual exercise of it, but I would really, really like to finish this one first.

Ah, well. The curse of the endlessly prolific and gifted. I'm such a whiner today.

  1. Hmmm…interesting. Can’t really give any advice from personal experience because I haven’t started my novel yet. But I would suggest cutting off the first series at a point where there is *some* closure followed by action in the next chapter (which would be the first ch. in the second book). You’ll want to immediately suck the reader back into your world on the second. Where is that spot?

    I have a large painting waiting to be finished that sits behind my sofa for the dust bunnies to admire. Come to think of it, I tend to do that a lot…start projects and then not finish them. It reminds me of something I read regarding my personality type. The vision and the process is what’s fulfilling to me more so than the finished product because once I get to a point where I feel I’ve accomplished, mastered- figured it out in my mind, I have reached my peak. The finished product is satisfying but more like an afterglow.

    I painted an entirely new, large piece in my mind last night, had a heated debate and won, acted out a fantasy, moved to South Carolina, etc. instead of sleeping. Again.

    I thought I would be painting that awesome idea today but meh, the fire that was within me last night was merely embers by morning. (moth to flame???)

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