Listening to Dub FX and reading over my blog entries from the last year or so.

…you can love me or not but either way I’ve got to wake up to face another day tomorrow morning, you can love me or not but either way I’ve got the sunrise looking in my eyes…tomorrow morning, what will the world bring, what will it bring to me…

What a journey, in my ears and my mind.

I’ve read words that literally give me goosebumps; startlingly prescient things I’ve said that only make sense from where I now stand.

It really makes one wonder where inspiration comes from. Is it a direct link to something/someplace else? Can creative people tap into that theoretical collective unconscious that seems to get dusted off at some point in every anthro class I’ve ever taken?

Maybe it’s just a function of my general vagueness.

Any way that I look at it, it’s still kinda, for lack of a better adjective, well, trippy.

I’m incredibly happy right now. I’ve got amazing people populating my life and I’ve got such an overwhelming sense of optimism for the future that it’s almost palpable.

I’m almost surprised that it’s not visible, flowing from me in waves, making me look like a mirage; wobbling through the streets like a tornado wrapped in Sahara heat-shimmer.

You get the idea.

I always want to say so much more. But I’m also enjoying the deliberate mystery. I occasionally mention that deliberate mystery is work. It is, but it’s fun work.

I also know that a few people read my blog, as in regularly, on purpose. And there are always some randoms that stop by now and then: so the vague discourse that defines my monologues will continue until further notice.

I’m sticking my tongue out right now. Of course you can’t see it, but just imagine it for a second; I’d do it for you.

In other news:

My rather battered face is healing quite well (yet another surgery, strange how one moment can add so much pain to a man’s life). I may have to have another surgery in the spring but that’s months away and so is not much of an issue right now.

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