Why’s and what-for’s

I’m about to anthropomorphize my iPhone.

I swear my shuffle is prescient. It seems to know exactly what I want to hear at times. Conversely, at other times, it also seems to know just what I absolutely cannot take listening to.

So strange.

Or maybe I’m strange.

Scratch that maybe, I am definitely strange. But I’ve made peace with that.

Pace change: I wonder what other people are thinking all the time. It’s always in the background of my thoughts. I wonder about the things that make them, well, them.

Just what are they thinking about? In general, specifically, at certain times…the list goes on. But I most wonder how their train of thought functions. Is it like mine? Do they think about the same things that I do?

I wonder what kinds of stops their trains make and why. Always I come back to why.

why, Why, WHY?

But I digress, why people think the things that they do is an insoluble riddle. Here a motivator, there a descriptor but the process remains a mystery.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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