Ummmm okay then

What is it that drives someone to deliberately do something to ruin someone else’s day?

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

I mean how empty is that persons existence; how sad/angry must they be inside that the way they interact with others is always so negative?

I’m not talking about isolated incidences (we’re all guilty of these things occasionally) but patterns of behavior. And while I probably shouldn’t be running a social science experiment here (ethically questionable since I’ve not informed the subject that they are indeed a subject) sometimes I remember that despite everything else I do, I am still a trained field scientist.

That said, I’ve observed this person (I know that the plural and singular don’t mix but I’m actively trying to avoid pronouns here) for quite some time and these sorts of incidents are a solid 75-80% of their interactionary behavior.

I have hypotheses in profusion but I’m leaning toward chemical imbalance, coupled with a disappointing childhood.

Not enough hugs, or maybe too many.

Either way: maybe you could find a better hobby.

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