Why does it seem to never occur to anyone that if I have headphones or earplugs in my ears that there’s a very solid possibility that I can’t hear the words coming out of their mouths?

I’ll admit that I use my headphones as a tool for social distance. Sometimes I’m not listening to anything – I just don’t feel like conversing. I wrote a research paper about it as an undergrad. It was fairly boring. I’ll not force-feed you the details.

I also enjoy the strange looks I get when I’m wandering a store on my phone – through my headphones. I do talk to myself rather frequently so I’m sure it doesn’t look that strange to anyone that actually knows me…and if strangers think I’m strange, well, who cares? I don’t know them so their opinions about/of/on me don’t matter.

At any rate, I’ve got things to do; so enjoy the fall, do big things before the year is over. You’ll never be here again. This time, this place, this moment is over before you even register it.

  1. blink and the moment’s lost! so totally agree!!

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