I’ll start this with a simple thought: I hate being cold.

I remember when we moved to the states, I had never seen snow and cold to me was a balmy seventy or so degrees.

I was disabused of that idea fairly quickly.

It’s been raining, a lot. Fall/winter rain is a whole different experience than summer rain. In the summer you get this wet/warm smell that instantly transports me back in time to the central-american jungle.

Winter rain just freezes on my windshield and reminds me only that I need a new ice-scraper.

I think I may need a break from writing to live a little more, I sense a repetitive staleness to my work that is completely unacceptable.

Yup, all that from being cold.

  1. I’m in the midwest so I’m used to the cold & don’t mind it that much. I would rather be cold then hot. With that said I hate the things that usually follow the cold weather, like snow & ice. That I could live without.

    • I absolutely agree, the snow and ice are über-inconvenient

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