Molon Labe

This post has been sitting in my upload cue for a couple of days now. The app crashed once and I rewrote it. I had to turn my phone off another time and it deleted all of my unsaved changes.

I like the title. So I’ve decided to rewrite it a third time. Only this time from scratch. A few days have modified my views somewhat; the perspective gained, however slight, over the original text is worth the effort I think.

And since it’s my blog, whatever I think should be done, is what gets done.

It’s nice to actually have full creative control over things. Editors are my bane.

So, Molon Labe

(Pronounced in modern Greek as mo-lone la-ve.)

μολὼν λαβέ!

It’s inscribed, engraved rather, on the statue of Leonidas at Thermopylae. It means: “Come and take them.”

Fitting words for a last stand. My original post was about the stands that we all take in life. Its an absolute truism that at various times everyone must stand firm in their belief and the rightness of that belief.

I’ve always been interested in the idea of values, morals and ethics. Every class I took had a component of those concepts to them. I always wonder how much of them are inborn and how many are simply learned behavior.

Do we all have that kind of ethical greatness within or are we but mimicking the best ideals we’ve been taught?

And if they are a mixture of the two, why are so many people able to ignore both their instinct and their indoctrination to perform such awful acts upon their fellows?

It’s something to think about.

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