…’cause the world is a place that will eat you alive in one day, the world is a place that you can’t survive without faith…gotta hold on and live your life day by day, gotta hold on and put your focus on that one day…

Akon and Matisyahu. Awesome combo for sure.

I wrote a really long post a little bit ago and I must admit that I don’t know that I’ll ever upload it. It’s just too raw, too bare, too…revealing. I think that perhaps I am not quite as comfortable with that kind of absolute honesty as I like to think I am…if that makes any sense.

I try not to hold back; to pull no punches. I don’t like to filter things here, but I just can’t quite bring myself to lay my soul bare like that.

Not yet anyway. I hate that there are borders in my mind. The very idea of limiters (of any kind) makes me literally feel ill.

Also the word limiters is weird, I feel like it should be limitors. Even though I know it’s not.

Once again, I am very strange.

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