Sir, real.

Strange dreams have returned. Not-quite-nightmares; places and people – complete strangers to me – populate this dreamscape.

I don’t know what they mean.

It’s oddly disconcerting; I rarely dream coherently, images – pictures mostly. I have a couple of recurring dreams, one that plays like a sci-fi game that I’ve been having since I was in elementary school. One of these days I’ll script and submit it, it’s been fun to play in my head all these years, maybe I should share no?

Last nights dream was a confusing welter of images, situations and people. No matter how I turn it over I can make no sense of it. It’s stayed with me all day, that is also something of a rarity for me.

My life feels so very surreal lately, like I’m living in the third person.

That said, I feel something creeping closer, something just beyond the horizon.

Tantalizing. Hiding just beyond the periphery, so close I can feel it’s gaze.

I can feel the hand of fate pushing at my back. Wind in my face, I feel like I can fly.

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