My blog is looking a little bi-polar these days.

I feel the need to assure everyone that I’m not tragically sad in any way. Writing things down is how I work my way through the issues that crop up in daily life. And for all of the other things I worry about; generally unquantifiable ephemeralities.

I have to rewrite my synopsis for the series again. It’s becoming a weekly event as ideas come to me. A novel is truly an ever-evolving creature, one that takes on a life of its own and grows beyond the original vision in utterly inconceivable ways.

Of all of the things that I do, all of the things that I am; I love writing and by extension being a writer, the best.

It is incredibly cathartic.

I’ve got a few days of uninterrupted writing coming up and I’m sure it will improve my mood exponentially.

It always does.

  1. Thank you for the assurance, I was beginning to wonder.

    Ha, not really. I can identify with your concern though. Fortunately or unfortunately, a blog is only a minute glimpse into a person’s heart, mind and soul.

    Just write. 🙂

    • Yeah I catch myself sometimes just venting instead of thinking and I want my blog to be both well-thought-out and well-felt-out…if that makes any kind of sense haha

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