Child of Man

“In times of peace, sons bury their fathers. In times of war, fathers bury their sons.”

War never changes. The names, faces and places differ. The weapons and tactics evolve. But the reasons are ever the same.

Throughout human history, we have fought each other over seemingly important things.

I wonder if the violence is encoded in our very DNA, is it our only true heritage? Is it the way human beings have been forged by this planet, that we must ever fall upon force as the solution to so many of our problems?

There are many things worth fighting for, there are so many causes that are just. The ideals behind so many actions are pure. I just wish that peaceful solutions could be found for every situation. Not a unique thought I know but it’s something I often wonder about.

The problem with that is the simple fact that there are violent people on this planet, and sometimes those people have power, when they do they have the power to use other human brings as their weapons.

It’s a vicious cycle. Violence begets violence begets violence and so on and so forth. The view of the cycle I see so very clearly stretches backward and forward from the point at which i stand into infinity in either direction.

I know this because I am a product of this cycle. Exactly like everyone else who has ever been born human.

I am a child of this earth, and I have the power to heal or kill just like every other human who has ever left footprints on this rock.

As ever, the question is one of choice. What will I choose? What will you choose? What happens when people are forced into a choice?

The variables are staggering, the equation far too complex for my organic computer to calculate. There are no algorithms to predict the choices of individuals with perfect confidence.

The things that run through my mind sometimes freak me out. So much pressure I put on myself, would I ever be content with a normal life?

*This post has been sitting in my upload cue for well over a month, I’m not certain why I didn’t want to post it. It feels a little depressing and morbid but that’s never really stopped me before.

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