There are times, when time dials down, when it seems like I’ve stepped outside myself and can view everything around me in a sort of slow-motion drizzle.

When it seems like I can feel every neuron firing, every connection made electrically becomes something visible in my mind.

Usually these kinds of moments are reserved for those in-between instances that populate my memory.

I have never been able to find that kind of immediacy in my waking life, save those times when I’ve been close to the edge.

I dance on those razor-edged moments. I have said, and will continue to say, that I never feel so alive as I do when I’m taunting mortality. Tempting fate is an art, a science of desire and destiny.

I am a seeker, I have always thought that experience is the prize in this life – if there is a something-after I believe that the only thing you can take with you are those memories, the lessons learned, the experiences that forged the ever-evolving you that you have become and will continue to become.

Tempered, like forged steel, by everything you’ve ever experienced with any of the senses we’ve been blessed with.

When my life slows down enough that I’ve got a few minutes to actually think, this is often what my mind turns to. I wonder at the universe and our place within its fabric.

I wonder at the people I see that are so seemingly content with the who-what-where-when-how’s of their lives. It’s something I’ve never really understood; how one can simply stop reaching.

What kinds of deaths did their dreams die?

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