I deleted my Facebook a lil while back. Blissfully silent have the petty people on the outskirts of my life been since.

The periphery has been peaceful.

In other news I’ve been thinking a lot about my time in graduate school; booking time in the lab to unlock the secrets of our biology. Thinking hard about how to ‘fix’ our genetics. Running experiments and waiting for my numbers to coalesce into answers.

Listening to tenured brains tell me that what I wanted to do was impossible – that my ambitions were unachievable.

I ended up getting into an ivy-league PhD program. They thought my dreams were possible, probable even. The question became one of funding. An NSF grant looks great on my CV but an advanced degree it does not pay for.

So I write, and think and jump out of airplanes and off of high things.

The answers are out there, what I need is a mini-me to pass the torch to.

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