Running, again, finally.

Last year, I tore a muscle in my lower back. March fifth, to be exact. It’s taken over a year to rehab it back to running strength. It took several months before I could walk without pain, it still bothers me but not enough anymore to keep me from the runs I’ve missed so much.

Much worse than the hamstring I tore back in oh-six.

At any rate I’ve run a bit under forty miles in the last eight days. Longest run so far has been a seven-miler Friday night, I’m hoping to break that PR later this evening.

I’ve had to completely restructure my stride and I’m still learning how to use it to its fullest potential.

I started a new Nike+ account since I’m no longer the runner that put those old numbers up. All new PR’s to be made and broken:

Actually rather refreshing, I’ve got new all new mountains to climb.

    • Ani Danelz
    • March 31st, 2013

    Good luck with the recovery! I’m sure you have plenty of people telling you this, but ease into it. No use doing further damage that will only prolong your recovery.

    • Thank you! So far the recovery is going pretty smoothly, quads and calves were a little sore after the first two runs but it’s been good since then, the back is holding up very well, my times are a lot slower – but who wouldn’t have slower times after a year off and about thirty pounds added on haha. Most important piece of running advice I’ve ever received was “run your own race at your own pace.” Speed comes with time, it’s how the run feels that’s important and by god do they feel great 🙂

        • Ani Danelz
        • March 31st, 2013

        I absolutely know where you’re coming from! Last summer I was in PT for Anterior Compartment Syndrome and was not allowed to run. Granted that was only a two-month recovery, but it felt so good when I was able to get back. Cannot even image the relief you feel!

      • Oh man, was it your Tibialis anterior? I’ve had both of mine get wicked sore on long runs (10+) but usually calmed down after a rest day and recovery run.

        • Ani Danelz
        • April 5th, 2013

        Yep! Luckily, I did not have to get surgery to fix the problem but I still have to watch for flare ups.

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